Seeking Tomorrow, Starts Today

Seeking Tomorrow, Starts Today

Using Technology to "Augment Your Creativity"

As we step into the future, we carry with us the spirit of those who came before. The innovators and pioneers whose creativity lit the way.

I used to think that I could not be an artist, that I was not creative in the way that creators create, artistically. I couldn’t shape a vase to save my life and the paintbrush was not my friend. There were never crepes or paper machetes in my toolkit. Nope, I definitely wasn’t an artist.

But in 2021, I changed my mindset. I was introduced to AI Generated Art (yes before DallE and before Midjourney), I began speaking my words into art. The technology shaped my words into beautiful and creative images. (Thank you to Kane and Low for slinging Gospel and Jewelry while providing valuable tips.)


I create a new path, mainly because I thought it was cool to see the interpretations of words through technology showing up as artistic renderings. I immediately took my vision one step further and minted them as NFTs on the blockchain, inspiring a whole new type of empowerment.

The Nerve

My thoughts were challenged, people said it wasn’t art. People said it wasn’t “me creating anything”, people side-eyed me but you know what? I kept going and today, its everywhere. Its the “thing” to do (or not). Its more accepted now than it was then but still there are those that ridicule. Tell me what form of art doesn’t have its “haters” — sideeye right back at cha.

My main NFT gallery is called “GalleryOThought”, because that is what it is, the story of my visions chronicling my journey as we head into the reality of the Metaverse…and beyond. We’ve progressed SO much in just a few years, its cool to see what I did then vs. what I made today:

Blaze A Trail

I think of trailblazers like Gladys West, the Black woman whose mathematical models were vital to the development of GPS in the 1980s. Decades before location tracking went mainstream, West had the vision to see its possibilities.

Or the possibilities that Marie Van Brittan Brown envisioned. She was the nurse who invented the home security system in 1966 to make her neighborhood safer. Her entrepreneurial solution was years ahead of its time…can you say cyber-security or physical-penetration testing?


These women embodied audacious imagination. By daring to think beyond the status quo of their eras, they paved inroads that lead us here today. Their brilliance guides us still. And there are hundreds more. They dared to be different, dared to be bold, dared to have their imaginations on trial.

Meta Mind Shift

At Technikole Consulting we dare too. During the Meta Mind Shift Mastermind, we seek to empower a new generation of diverse innovators, to provide them with the tools and community needed to dream big. Just as those who came before us did.

The pioneers of tomorrow are already among us. Eager minds of all ages, with fresh ideas to shape the future. I cannot wait to see where our participants creativity will take us. Will you be among us?

Dearest Seeker of Tomorrow, the unwritten future awaits your vision. Your resilience. Your hope. The opportunity to leave your bold mark is here. Seize it, register for the Meta Mind Shift Mastermind today!

Registration for Quarter 1 ends on February 14, the first session begins on February 13th.


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